Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Spend your holidays in Alūksne

Ideas guide, where to get the great inspiration of season feelings and the best photo moments, while  visiting Aluksne.


Alūksne landscape is surrounded by the Manor Park, which impresses with the presence of a symbolic baron. Explore a wide range of small architecture- Granite Obelisk, Temple of Pomona,  Fountains, Bird’s Pavilion, Alexander’s Pavilion, Granite Benches, Whispering Lantern, Mausoleum of the Vietinghoff family.


By crossing the bridge to an island, You will find out the majestic Castle ruins of the 14th century Livonian Order stand proudly and stubbornly there!



On the Pedestrian Bridge in Tempļakalna Street, every hour the first 15 minutes, the mood is enhanced by the musical enjoyment of the soul, especially at night, when wonderful glittering light performances decorate the bridge and the lake.


The top of the Temple hill park is place, that makes Aluksne the highest town in Latvia. Granite Rotunda – the Temple of Fame, erected in 1807 by Baron von Fittinghof. Climbing to the very top, you have a breathtaking view- lake, Pilssala, Aluksne New Castle with park!


Enjoy the nature from the top of 37.8 meters high Aluksne sightseeing tower, inviting everyone to take the 153-step challenge! (form 1st of November, pro-order by phone 

At the Bird Blind area, at the foot of Lake Tempļakalns Park, see for yourself how many bird species live and visit Lake Aluksne!


While You are visiting Alūksnes, explore how the history lives hand by hand with the present!


The aura and legacy of Baron von Fittinghoffs will amaze and leave you indifferent when visiting Aluksne’s New Castle – a 19th-century monument to the Tudor neo-Gothic architecture! Alūksne Museum – installed in this fantasstic bulding tells about the History of the city of Aluksne in the ages, the golden vein of the Vietinghoff family, paintings exhibitions, art exhibitions, various thematic events!


Children will be delighted with the Bird’s Songs, the depths of the earth and the touch of the waters of the world at the Museum of Nature’s “Vides labirints”. as you walk through the Labyrinths of the Environment that will finally bring you to the wonders of the world! Check out one of the largest collections of fluorescent minerals in Europe!



Alūksne Bānītis station’s Multimedia exposition, created in the more than 100 years old restored Bānītis luggage barn,  will let You to explore antiquity past and the present through many interesting stories, exhibits, videos, pictures. Survive by yourself!

When you’ll explore the nature and caracter of the city, there is another surprise made by nature – 25 km from Aluksne – the nature idyll in Veclaicene!


The Protected Landscape Area, whose main source of tourism is the landscape, is truly fascinated by its nature value. And you’ll be surprised by the countless lakes, rivers, hills and hills, cycling trails, scenic nature trails. The newly created trail stairs will help to conquer one of the most steep Latvian mounds – Drusku mound and its slopes.


Breathtaking views over tree tops, mosaic landscapes and late autumn sunsets are promised, looking out from the platform of Sightseening Towers in Dēliņkalns or Korneti!



Besides all this, Nature’s friends who crave peace, their thoughts, restarts, autumn fog over the lake horizon, boating, dining or singing by the bonfire have created and opened this summer’s Nature House on the shores of Five Lakes! For even more complete relaxation, autumn nature also offers fishing, bird watching, mushroom picking and berry picking! We recommend that you pay attention to the idea of ​​Nature Homes – it is nature that will surprise everyone with its charm in its simplicity! Video for inspiring inspiration in the story and view of Mara Olte. More about the                                                 Nature Home in Veclaicene.


Enjoy the town, culture and Your Staying and Aluksne.