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Nature houses Veclaicene

5 Nature houses, bulited near 5 rich in natural lakes, loceted in the protected landscape area ‘Veclaicene”! Each of them keeps and surprises with the basic information of theme- nature, animals, fishes and birds! This is the right  choice  for everyone, who prefer to stay, to feel and live in the nature!

For more infomation: https://veclaicene.lv/en/categories/1/nature-house



Tel. +371 29166262



Bitītes, Mālupe rural district

• premises for parties for up to 70 people (EUR 70.00-250.00),

• 50 beds (rooms with two, four, six and twelve beds) – the price for accommodation 7.00 EUR /person

• sauna for up to 20 people (EUR 30.00),
• barbecue house

 Tel. +371 29436203

Mūrnieki - Anna rural district

Accommodation in two rooms with 4 beds and 3 additional sleeping-places. The guests can stay in a separate part of the house where are rooms on two floors. On the second floor there is a bedroom with a shower and WC, a library, but on the first floor there is a sitting room with a fireplace and satellite TV, a kitchen and a bedroom with WC. WiFi is accessible in the rooms.  

In summer it is possible to have accommodation in the granary and campsite houses. There are also places for tents and an area for camper vans. 

Tel. +371 26438647,



Jaungrēveles - Anna rural district

sauna – holiday house,

summer house,

black sauna,

volleyball court,

place for a fire, barbecue,

6-20 beds.

Tel. +371 26312131;  +371 29470664



Anna sports hall - Anna rural district

Place for sports camps or just for overnight stay,

40 beds, accommodation price for a person 5.00 EUR/night (VAT included)

Tel. +371 26340052

Mauriņi - Veclaicene rural district

Accommodation for up to 8 people. Price – 15.00 EUR/night (breakfast included). The farm offers excursions for groups to watch wild horses, ponies, ducks, sheep and other animals. Everybody who likes recreation in a peaceful countryside environment is welcome. The hostess offers a health sauna services. There is also a possibility to purchase natural food, handicraft made of sheep wool, herb tea. 


Vārpas - Korneti, Veclaicene rural district

On the shore of Lake Ievas. On the first floor of the holiday house there is a sitting room with a fireplace and glass veranda, a sauna  (50.00 EUR/evening), a small kitchen, a toilet. Outside – a small terrace with a view of the lake. On the second floor there are two separate rooms and 8 beds. The price for a person per night – EUR 10.00-15.00. At the lake there is a place for fire, tents, a swimming place with a plank-way, swings. There is a possibility to rent a boat. 

Tel. +371 26186570


Jaunrēveļi - Jaunlaicene rural district

Jaunrēveļi is located about 1 km from Jaunlaicene village. A renovated countryside farm offers accommodation  (for up to 18 personas) and a sauna. The kitchen is to be shared with the hosts. There is a pond in the surroundings and a playground. There is also an outside shed with a fireplace. The host offers hiking in the surroundings. The price 30.00-80.00 EUR/night, sauna- 30.00 EUR/evening.

Tel. +371 29287581, +371 29205255



Vērdiņi - Alsviķi

The guest house in the renovated servans’ dwelling house of Alsviķi estate. There are 75 beds. The sauna is in a separate house with a party hall and 14 beds. There is also a possibility to make additional bed places. The price for the accommodation EUR 7.00-10.00. Premised for parties for up to 50 people. Sauna with 15 beds  (120.00 EUR/night). 

Organizing of banquets, celebrations, weddings), service. Catering. All kinds of smoked meat. Guarded car parking.

Saliņas - Veclaicene rural district

A holiday house, up to 6 beds. 30.00-80.00 EUR/night.
Sauna, billiard, fishing, barbecue, play ground. 

Tel. +371 29443544


Retumi - Mārkalne rural district

The accommodation place “Retumi” is a wooden holiday house with a sauna and barbecue. It is surrounded by a pine-tree forest and is located only 100 m from Lake Alūksne.  The house is light and cosy. It has a dining room with a fireplace, a little terrace with garden furniture. There is a shower in the bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped, there is a cooker, a fridge and an electric kettle. Guests can go fishing in the lake and make fire. 

Tel. +371 29463707


Lāzberģis estate

Recreation place „Muižnieki” is situated in the previous territory of Lāsberģis estate. For accommodation there are 9 light rooms with different number of beds. All rooms have TV. The total number of beds – 25. There is a possibility to make additional sleeping-places. 

Tel. +371 29166262



Tel.  + 371 22413373

Sapnīši - Ilzene rural district

Black sauna, Gipsy sauna – steaming and flapping with different sauna besoms, herb tea drinking, professional sauna attendant, massage. Accommodation. Sauna from 30.00 to 75.00 EUR/4 h for up to 4 people.  4-6 beds 10.00 EUR/person.

Tel. +371 29493596