Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Sight Towers

Alūksne Sight Tower

The tower is located in the Temple Hill Park next to Lake Alūksne. It is one of the highest towers in Latvia having the height of 37.8 m. There are 153 steps leading up to the top platform. It is the highest point in Alūksne – 216.7 m above the sea level. From the tower one can enjoy a picturesque view of the Estate Park, Lake Alūksne and the historical Livonian Castle.
At the foot of the tower there is the Visitors Centre which provides information on the most significant tourist attractions in Alūksne.

In winter season, the sightseeing tower is availabe only for groups over five persons. Pre-booking requied by phone +371 29130280.

Veclaicene Sight Tower on Dzērves Hill

I am a new one, but visitors see me as a hospitable host who shows them all the beauties of nature, and there is a lot to see! Over the tops of old oak trees I have a wonderful opportunity to have a view of Korneti valley with several lakes. I like to see the farmers bustling in their farms and fields. The piece of Korneti valley is protected by Meduskalns, Leģenu Hill and Dzērves Hill, the latter of which is my home. The yellow building between two lakes is the municipality house. Next to me there is the mighty Drusku Castle Mound. Maybe, it is a little jealous because it was the main place from which to see the landscape when I was not here. And Munamägi Hill nearby waves its hand wishing me good luck.

Your sight tower on Dzērves Hill at Korneti, Veclaicene rural district