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Exclusive Menu of Alūksne Region

Enjoy the exclusive menu of Alūksne region

Alūksne Tourism information centre in co-operation with several public catering enterprises has made an exclusive menu of the region that hopefully will be appreciated by Alūksne inhabitants and guests.

Each year the exclusive menu will be altered and supplemented. This year several cafes and recreation places responded to the offer and included different meals in their menus. The café “Ābols” offers chicken fillet roll “Little Train”, pork chops in local style, clear soup with specific crumbs and even a dessert with these crumbs.

Some meals with explicit local names you can enjoy in the café “Gustiņš”, but the café “Pajumte” has prepared an offer which includes hot salad “Temple Hill”, the main course “107 steps till delight” and cream “Lake Marienburg Islands”.

Visiting the country tourism and recreation centre “Jaunsētas” at Katrīnkrogs, you can taste lunch in the local style.

There is also a special offer at the recreation centre „Jolanta”. There you can enjoy salad “Katrīna’s Caprice”, cream soup “Hat Island”, pancakes “Afternoon snack at Castle Fountains”, barbecued ribs “Baron Alexander’s Lunch”, dessert “Little Temple”.

The meals have specific names of places or people of Alūksne region. For example, several catering enterprises offer meals with specific crumbs and delight us with peculiar names of meals emphasising the historical objects and distinguished personalities of the region.

To enjoy the offer of the specific meals and taste the meals with peculiar names, you have to visit:

At the pastry shop “Kārumiņš” (5 Lielā Ezera Street and in the shopping centre Maxima, 9b Pils Street, Alūksnē) you can find a famousd cake “Day and night” and other delicacies of Alūksne region.



Restaurant “Jolanta”

Salad “Katrīna’s Caprice” – honey glazed grilled char (trout) with fresh salad and boiled egg

Salāti ''Katrīnas untums''
Cream soup “Hat Island” – vegetable cream soup with a chicken meat ball

Dārzeņu krēmzupa ''Cepurīte''

Pancakes “Afternoon snack at Castle Fountains” – potato pancakes with sour cream and slices of roast bacon

Kartupeļu pankūkas ''Launags pie pils strūklakām''

Barbecued ribs “Baron Alexander’s Lunch” – garlic glazed pork ribs with fried potatoes and warm bread
Dessert “Little Temple” – ice-cream with parched hazel nuts and grated chocolate
Pancakes “At the grandmother’s” – thin pancakes with fresh strawberry jam

Cafe “Pajumte”

Hot chicken salad “Temple Hill”

(grilled chicken, fried potatoes, spicy tomato salsa, dill sauce)

Tempļa kalns


107 steps to delight 

(fried pork fillet with potatoes fried in butter, chilly sauce and season vegetables)

107 pakāpieni


 Lake Marienburg Islands

(cottage cheese cream with berries sauce)

Marienburgas salas

Kafejnīca “Gustiņš”

Cafe “Gustiņš”

For breakfast

Pontags ar čirikīm (scrambled eggs with smoked meat and fresh vegetable salad)


Profidroļu zupa (clear soup with crumbs)

Malenīša fiksu͡o zupa (pieces of pork with vegetables and flour)

Vacu͡os mu͡otas klučku zupa  (chicken soup with dumplings)

Main Course

Laupītu un reivētu kartupeļu bleiņi (potato pancakes with sour cream)


Igauņu bīzputra (barley porridge with smoked meat)


Buberts ar klukvu (semolina pudding with red or black currant sauce)


Auškeņu ķeisels ar tu͡oraga klučkīm (raspberry juice jelly with cottage cheese dumplings)


Cafe “Ābols”

Chicken fillet roll “Little Train”


Pork chops in local style


Clear soup with crumbs


Cafe “Cepurīte”

“Casserole in local style”

Potatoes, pork, fresh cabbage, peas, carrots, onions, greens, cream

“Colourful Alūksne”

Chicken fillet with orange sauce, spices, zucchini, sweet pepper. Served on a stick

Dessert “Floating Island”

Blended strawberries, whipped cream

Pub “Katrīnkrogs”




Clear soup with crumbs

Fried breaded pork tongue

Rye bread crumbs with bilberry jam and whipped cream