Horse riding

Rides in a wedding cart in Alūksne town.  The price starting from 20.00 EUR/h


8 Merķeļa Street, Alūksne

+371 29497420,

Horse riding, rides in a cart, rides for children, an excursion around a stud farm. Lodging in the Wood house (30.00 EUR/night ).


Jaunanna rural district

+371 29412905

Horseback riding (15.00 EUR/h), rides in a cart or in a sleigh. Harness, a sheep herd, a recreation place. An excursion around the farm 1.50 EUR/person.

Rides in a cart at weddings and other celebrations (in Alūksne - 100.00 EUR/2h)


Jaunanna rural district -  Alita Meijere

+371 26484155


Horseback riding and rides in a cart in Veclaicene protected landscape  territory. 


Veclaicene rural district

+371 28382899

Hippodrome joy

24 hours - horse riding, horse riding lessons, sports race, 2 training fields, excursions for groups. Booking in advance by phone requested. 


 Horse riders' club  "Karva", Alsviķi rural district

+371 29884522